How to replace your EA quickly

26 November 2019 Anastasia Kelly

When Your Ea Resigns

Unfortunately, as we near the end of 2019, it’s possible that your EA may resign. At the close of this year, which is also the close of the decade, it’s a natural time for staff to seek new challenges and greener pastures elsewhere. Whatever the reason for your EA’s departure, the end result for you is clear: you need to replace your EA. 

Here’s how to manage a seamless transition to replace your EA. 

Give your EA a positive departure

It can be difficult not to take the resignation of your EA personally. After all, it is such a close professional relationship. However, it’s a business decision, similar to the many tough calls you have made as a CEO. It would be a shame for your EA to leave on a sour note, so swallow any disappointment you may feel. Focus on giving your EA a positive, constructive departure. 


Refine the position description

The departure of your EA is the ideal opportunity to reconsider the requirements of the role. Is the current arrangement still the most suitable? Is your current EA stretched beyond capacity? Perhaps a senior EA and a junior or part-time administration support is a better solution. Could you give more responsibilities your replacement EA? Are there new skills your current EA lacks that are desirable for the replacement? This may include less administrative support and more business and strategy involvement. As more and more tasks are automated with efficient online tools, it is timely to transition your EA to a more influential, strategic position. 


Timing is of the essence

Now, the focus turns to recruit a suitable replacement for your EA. Ideally, you’d ensure your incoming EA spends a few days trailing your outgoing EA to learn the ropes. This means you need to secure the replacement within the notice period of your current EA. However, you don’t want to rush into recruiting and risk hiring the wrong candidate. Here’s how to expedite the process: 

  • networking - consider a subtle outreach to potential candidates who may not be searching position vacancies (LinkedIn is ideal for this)
  • refine your decision criteria - getting this done in advance makes it easier to assess applications against a clarified skillset   
  • commit to an efficient hiring process - indecision causes delays, so make a fast decision without compromising on quality


Use a recruiter 

There’s plenty of benefits of working with a recruiter - especially when time is of the essence. You’ll get: 

  • a more efficient, faster process
  • access to better quality candidates 
  • a quality shortlist because recruiters do all the initial legwork and first-round interviews on your behalf
  • recruiters who specialise (like Altitude EA) who understand the unique requirements of hiring a top-performing EA
  • help in transitioning the EA to their new role


Don’t interview too many candidates 

Interviews are time-consuming, and you may be forced to wait for the availability of some candidates, slowing down the process. So, ensure only your top handful of candidates are interviewed. Using screening processes before the interview stage can be highly effective. This can include skill testing or short phone or Skype interviews. 


Make your best offer, fast 

Quality candidates get snapped up quickly. So, don’t risk the relationship with a lowball offer. We recommend making a quick resolution and including your best package. Candidates appreciate prompt decision making, increasing your attractiveness as a potential employer. Plus your best offer is most likely to secure the ideal candidate. 


Get your EA to document everything

Potentially, your EA has plenty of undocumented knowledge in their mind. So, it’s now urgent that this expertise is transferred to your future replacement. A great way to do this is using Loom, a free video creation screen capture tool. This gives your replacement EA step-by-step videos of common processes. This could be anything from creating newsletters, using template presentations, explaining cloud filing systems, workflow and productivity tools or any other ongoing tasks. Over the weeks of their notice period, get your EA to make several videos of common daily or weekly tasks. By the time your EA departs, you have a library of how-to videos ready for your replacement EA. 


If you need help to replace your EA, let us find your ideal candidate. List your position vacancy or contact Anastasia for a confidential discussion on 0421 16 55 96.