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Executive assistants for private equity firms

The private equity industry presents a wonderful opportunity for executive assistants

Private equity firms face numerous challenges, including increasing competition, economic fluctuations and strong stakeholder expectations. Executive assistants who can support their leaders while they navigate the challenges of investing, growing and listing businesses will relish the opportunity to contribute to the birth and growth of future innovating companies. 


The private equity industry shapes the future like no other 

The industry is incredibly relationship-driven. Connections matter greatly, and the ability to raise capital depends on the strength of relationships with potential investors. Having a finger on the pulse and methods for identifying emerging opportunities is vital. As trends come and go, some investors are seeking the thrill of the next big thing, while others are far more conservative. 


Considerations for hiring an EA in this space 

Dealing with high net worth investors means the executive assistant must feel confident moving in these influential circles. Corporate hospitality is often an aspect of building relationships in this industry, so executive assistants with knowledge of suitable entertainment, dining and events will be well regarded. 


The values and corporate image of private equity firms is a strong element of their brand, so the executive assistant needs to reflect these values —  demonstrating professionalism, respect, integrity and taking pride in quality work is vital in this space. Above all, confidentiality is an absolute must — due to the private and often sensitive nature of the transactions on the table. 


Stakeholder management skills are highly regarded — private equity firms leaders rely on their EAs to keep their eyes and ears open in the industry to determine any relevant news or developments. 


Naturally, as with many high-performing EAs across any sector, a high level of strategic support, able to act independently and on behalf of the executive and be that senior second-in-command leader is highly valued for private equity firm executive assistants. 


A very impressive level of personal presentation, written and oral communication is vital, as firms expect their executive assistants to reflect the corporate persona and values of their brand in all correspondence and dealings.