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Executive assistants for the professional services and legal industries 

Legal and professional services industry presents a wonderful opportunity for executive assistants. 


As a thriving industry, with plenty of large, national practices as well as boutique firms servicing particular locations and specialist legal niches, there are varied and diverse opportunities for executive assistants to grow their career in the industry. 


Traditionally, this industry is fairly conservative and traditional

Across the sector, attitudes and perceptions are changing. Smaller, progressive firms are embracing change and high profile partners across all sectors are championing diversity, innovation and gender equality. The move to remote working has been mixed, with some workforces preferring a hybrid model, and others seeking the cultural benefits of having everyone in the office collaborating together. 


Considerations for hiring an EA in this space 

If you are hiring an executive assistant for a law firm or professional services executive, it’s important to clarify the level of industry experience required in the role. Particularly for law firms, prior industry experience can be invaluable for an executive assistant to thrive in the environment. On the other hand, an executive assistant from outside the industry may be helpful to share new insights and ways of working. 


Naturally, the typical requirements for any executive assistant apply to the industry: organisation, diary management, stakeholder liaison will all be at top-notch levels for senior executive assistants in the legal and professional services industry. Furthermore, razor-sharp professionalism, strong verbal and written communication and attention to detail will be high on any executive’s list of requirements. 


Additionally, some firms may expect a professional dress standard, expecting the corporate attire to reflect the professional reputation of the firm or practice. However, some emerging law firms and professional services firms are doing things differently, and may have a more relaxed code for corporate attire. This can vary according to the client-facing commitments of the team on the day. 


Executive assistant or legal secretary? 

Of course, executive assistants can’t step into the role of legal secretary— this is outside the remit and responsibilities of a typical EA. It’s important for firms to set clear boundaries and ensure that legal secretaries take care of filing court documentation, appeals and motions, etc. The executive assistant should be tasked with supporting their executive in the leadership function of the firm. 


Why choose Altitude EA? 

With more than 20 years of experience, Altitude EA’s founder Anastasia Kelly is ideally placed to secure your next high-performing executive assistant. As a specialist executive assistant recruiter, Anastasia has a methodical approach, strong connections to Australia’s leading EAs, and a fast-growing reputation as one of Australia’s top specialist recruiters. We operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide, so no matter where in Australia you are located, we are able to help you find the ideal candidate for your next vacancy. 


List your vacancy now or call Anastasia on 0421 16 55 96 today. 


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