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High Net Worth Individuals

Executive assistants for high net worth individuals 

For the executive assistant working for high net worth people, the rewards can be immense. Loyalty and performance can see EAs be rewarded with a position of influence and contribution that is highly appealing. Plus, the opportunity to work alongside powerful, dynamic leaders can be unparalleled. 


Joining the upper echelon of an industry or a city via it’s most influential citizens is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious executive assistant. No other role provides the opportunity for introduction to movers and shakers across celebrity, government, decision-making and corporate sectors. This can be incredibly appealing for the right EA. 


Personality fit matters most for high net worth individuals and their executive assistants

Unlike other EAs, who are employed by a company, assistants to HNWI people tend to cross more into the personal assistant space. Of course, this can vary greatly from individual to individual. It’s important not to generalise here. Some are self-made while others have inherited wealth. Some like to live the high life, others are modest and unassuming. Some will keep their EAs highly strategic, looking after professional interests only. Whereas others will like a full level of support, with help for personal commitments potentially on the agenda. 


Therefore, it’s vital for an employer to carefully consider what roles the EA will and will not undertake. Many HNWI individuals sit on several boards, so an EA with experience preparing for board meeting presentations, reporting and minute taking can be advantageous. Gatekeeping skills are also vitally important, as HNW people tend to have a constant flow of requests for their time, attention and investment. 


Considerations for hiring an EA in this space 

Confidentiality is absolutely essential in this role. A high net worth person is always under scrutiny from others in the industry, the media and even social media followers watching and dissecting their every move. Their EA must be someone who can be highly trusted with sensitive and private information. 


Confidence dealing with industry leaders and influential decision makers is important in this space. Loyalty is extremely valuable also. EAs who develop a strong relationship with their executive can expect to be shown loyalty in return. As such, assistants who perform well may find themselves in the role for years or decades to come. 


Naturally, traditional EA skills such as diary management, travel management, stakeholder liaison and gatekeeping are all highly regarded for a high-performing EA in the position. 

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